How do I change a card's limit?

Imagine having a tool that offers you the freedom to change the card limit of your employees, whenever necessary and without bureaucracy. We at Clara want you to be the owner of your own time, so we make this process easy for you.

To change the limit on Clara credit cards, just follow this step-by-step guide:

  1. Go to the “Cards” tab;
  2. Search for the card to be changed;
  3. Select the three balls located in the “Actions” column;
  4. Click on “Edit”;
  5. Change the threshold to the desired value;
  6. Finally, click on “Save Changes”.

Within a few minutes the holder will be able to take advantage of the new limit that has been granted.

Important: When the company limit is set, the amount is distributed across all cards created (both physical and virtual). Because of this, the spending of all of them together cannot exceed the company's global limit.


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