What categories of establishments can be restricted?

Clara cards have the functionality to restrict usage to certain categories, so you can organize spending in a way that makes sense for your business.

Important: the cardholder is unable to carry out transactions at establishments that correspond to the selected category.

The available categories are:





This category considers all businesses related to health and wellness.

Pharmacies, hospitals, hospital services, opticians, dentists, etc.


This category considers all businesses related to activities and entertainment centers, both face-to-face and virtual.

Cinemas, bowling, gaming apps, theaters, social clubs and sports clubs.

Specialized Stores

This category considers all specific product deals.

Florists, tobacconists, religious articles, art galleries, etc.

Textile Products

This category considers clothing and footwear stores and boutiques, as well as sewing services.

Clothing stores, shoe stores, seamstresses, uniforms, fine leathers.

Software and Hardware

This category considers computer product stores, both for sale and for service and repair.

Computer stores, processing services, processors and accessories.


This category considers everything related to electronics and technology.

Appliances, music and instrument stores, photographic material, etc.


This category considers online subscriptions to products or services.

Digital apps, streaming, etc.


This category considers all business related to meal and food.

Restaurants, snack bars, fast food, etc.

Bars or Drinks

This category considers establishments dedicated to the sale of alcoholic beverages.

Bars, liquor stores, beer warehouses, etc.

Government payments

This category considers payments for matters related to government establishments.

Taxes, fines, bonds, etc.

Social causes

This category considers social organizations, non-profit organizations, religious groups, etc.

Religious lodges, foundations, etc.

Professional Services

This category considers specialized professional services companies.

Laundries, funeral homes, repairs of specific products, etc.


This category considers companies specialized in the purchase and sale of real estate.

Construction, real estate, rent/sale of warehouses, apartments, etc.


This category includes mobility companies, excluding car rentals.

Cruises, motorhome rentals, car agencies, yachts, auto repair shops, etc.

Vehicle rent

This category considers companies dedicated to car rental.

Localiza, Hertz, Avis, etc.

Travel and Accommodation

This category considers accommodation service companies and airlines.

Hotels, vacation rental services, timeshare, airlines.


This category considers fuel supply companies in general.

Gas stations, oil and derivatives.


This category considers communication services in different advertising media.

Newspapers and magazines, public relations, postal services, press, etc.

Digital Advertising

This category considers any company dedicated to the creation of communication/advertising in digital media.

Agencies, internet advertising services, social networks, etc.

Digital Commerce

This category considers all sites dedicated to e-commerce.

Amazon.com, americanas.com, etc.

Construction and Services

This category considers companies dedicated to the provision of services and products for construction.

Paints, appliance stores, construction consultants.

Retail Stores

This category considers companies that sell general consumer products to individual individuals.

Supermarkets, bakeries, dairy, butchers, self-service stores, convenience stores, etc.

Office material

This category considers businesses dedicated to the sale of furniture, stationery and office supplies.

Printing and copying services, office furniture, stationery, etc.

Special Services

This category considers specialized service companies.

Locksmiths, advice, fumigation, welding, ranchers, etc.


This category considers all companies related to education services.

Schools, universities, courses, academies, day care centers, etc.

Gems, Casinos and Fines

This category considers gambling entertainment service companies and jewelry stores.

Jewelry stores and casinos.


In this category are the businesses not identified, or related to the previous categories.

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