How do I create my first card?

After your company's credit line has been approved, you can create your first Clara card.

To do this, you must access the platform with your account, click on the "Start using Clara" button and follow the following steps:

1. Create your first card

  • In this step, you must select whether you want to create a new virtual card (Clara Virtual) or a physical card (Clara Business);
  • After selection, click "Continue".

2. Personal information

Important: the first card created on the platform in the Onboarding phase must be linked to the personal information of an Account Administrator. Read more here about available user roles.

If you are the primary account administrator

  • Fill in the fields with your personal details of the main account administrator;
  • Click "Continue".

If you are not the primary account admin

  • Fill in the fields with the personal data of the main account administrator;
  • Click on "You are filling this information for someone else" and enter the email of the account administrator that is linked to the data filled in;
  • Click "Continue".

3. Shipping address

If you are creating a physical Clara Business card, you are asked for the card's shipping address.

  • Enter the delivery address of the created card (ideally, you should enter the main address of the company);
  • This address can be changed by the account administrator after accessing the platform;
  • Click "Continue".

Ready, the main administrator of the account already has the first card created and can view it through the profile on our platform.


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