How do I cancel a card?

If you need to request a new card (in cases of theft, loss, or cloning, for example), you can cancel the card listed as active.

  1. Access the "Management" menu and click on the "Cards" option;
  2. Search for the card that you want to cancel and, at the end of the corresponding line, click on the 3 dots;
  3. Click on "Cancel card" option;
  4. To complete the action and permanently cancel the card, click "Yes" to finish.

In this way, the card will be disabled on the platform and cannot be reactivated, only allowing you to view the transaction history.


I need to create a new card, now what?

If you need to create a new card after cancellation, you can create a new one.

Just click on "Cards" menu and check the "+ New Card" button. 

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