How can I filter transactions?

Being able to easily identify specific transactions or those conducted within a certain period is essential for maintaining organization and financial transparency in your company.

With this in mind, you can filter and locate your own transactions (for all types of users) or those of your employees and managers (for Account Administrators and Accountants) on our platform.

To get started, access the "Transactions" tab and select the desired filtering options based on the following choices:


By establishment name

If you need to know how many purchases were made at a specific establishment, you can filter all transactions by the name of the place where the purchase was made.

Example: Suppose you want to know the total spent in June on ride-sharing apps. Simply enter the app's name in the search field to identify all transactions and the total amount used.


By dates

You can select transactions made on specific days or within specific periods. You can click on buttons like Today, This week, This month, or This year for a quick and comprehensive view.

You can also manually select desired dates, whether it's a single day or a specific range, using the calendar we provide.


+ Additional Filters
By clicking on the + Filters button, you can further refine your search:



You have the option to view transactions with attached invoices (proof of payment), those without invoices yet included, or those where it's not possible to include an invoice, such as IOF tax charges, for example.


Transaction Status

You can also view transactions based on their status—whether Authorized, Pending, or Notified.

For example, you can forecast the current month's bill by selecting This month in the calendar and transactions with an Authorized status.


Payment Method

In addition to the above options, you can also find purchases made either as single payments or in installments within the selected period.

With all these options, you have the flexibility to view comprehensive or detailed insights in real-time, tailored to your and your company's needs.

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