What does my transaction status mean?

On our platform, within the "Transactions" tab, transactions carried out can present three different statuses. Understand each of its meanings:


Transactions appear with the status "Notified" as soon as the establishment confirms that a purchase attempt was made with one of Clara's cards.


Transactions with the "Pending" status indicate that a pre-authorization of the payment has been carried out, and that the approval is being analyzed by the purchase establishment.

With this status, transactions can either be authorized or canceled by the store, and the status update will appear within 7 business days on the platform.

Important: If the status of a certain purchase appears as pending after the invoice is closed, it will not appear on your statement. The amount of pending purchases will be charged on the invoice only after they appear with "Authorized" status on the platform.

Learn more about pending purchases with this article.


Transactions with "Authorized" status mean that the purchases have been properly approved by the merchant. The charges for these purchases will be made on the invoice for the corresponding month.

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