How do I create a new user?

On our platform, you can register all the employees and partners of your company. So everyone has access to their own profiles, cards and transactions.

For starters, only users with the Account Administrator role can create new users.

If you are a user with the role of Contributor, Manager or Accountant, you must ask an Account Administrator to follow the following steps to create a user:

  1. Access the Team tab;
  2. Click Create + and New User;
  3. Fill in the user's personal data (Full name, CPF, Date of birth, E-mail and Telephone);
  4. Select the user level (Administrator, Manager, Accountant or Contributor);
  5. Choose or create a new group;
  6. Choose or create a new location;
  7. Check all the information;
  8. Click Create User.

After finishing, the created user will receive an account activation link in the registered email to set an access password. Learn what to do if an error occurs when activating your account.

Immediately after creating the user, it is possible to create a new card on your own.


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