What is a Group and how to create one?

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When creating users, it is possible to separate them by Groups, so that you can easily identify them. Thus, it is possible to divide the created users between departments, areas, or positions, for example.

How to create a Group

To create a group, there are two possible ways:

1. When creating a new user

When creating a new user, you can select or create a new group that the user will be a part of. To do this, you need to perform the following steps:

  1. Access the Team tab;
  2. Click the Create + and New User button;
  3. Under Options, click Choose or create a group;
  4. Select an already created group or enter the name of a new group and click Create group 'Group X'.

2. Only one new group

There is also the option to create a new group without necessarily linking to creating a user. For that:

  1. Access the Team tab;
  2. Click Create + and New group;
  3. Enter the name of the new group - Ex: Marketing;
  4. Click Add New Group.

Important: For now, it is not possible to edit or delete groups that have already been created.


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