Travel Medical Insurance

With the Clara Business Black card and Masterassist Black, you and your family can enjoy your next trips with more peace of mind and security.

Travel Medical Insurance is available to Clara Business Black cardholders, their spouses and dependent children, whether traveling together or separately.

Important: To use it, it is necessary to issue the Insurance Ticket, which must be presented in case of possible occurrences.

Coverage Conditions

  • Maximum coverage of medical expenses: USD 150,000.00 per person;
  • Use of the Clara Business Black card to pay the full amount of the airline tickets;
  • Coverage is valid for travel worldwide, except Brazil;
  • There is no limitation on the number of trips carried out;
  • Coverage warranty lasts for a maximum period of 60 calendar days from the first date of shipment;
  • Insurance is provided not only in cases of emergencies, but also for medical expenses in case of injuries and illnesses that occur during the trip;
  • Inclusion of other coverages, such as Medical Transfer, Daily Benefit for Inpatient, Return in Business Class and Expenses for Extension of Stay.

Click here to learn about all the conditions and benefits of Travel Medical Insurance.


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