Travel inconvenience

With the Clara Business Black card, you and your family no longer have to worry about unforeseen and inconveniences before traveling.

Spouses and dependent children of the cardholder will also be protected in the event of travel cancellations or boarding delays, whether traveling together or separately.

Important: To use this benefit, it is necessary to issue the Insurance Ticket which must be presented in case of possible occurrences.

Coverage conditions

  • Use of the Clara Business Black card to pay the full amount of the airline tickets;
  • For trip cancellation, coverage applies if the holder is prevented from starting the trip due to:
    • Death, accident or serious illness of the carrier, spouse, parents, children or siblings
    • Notification in court that cannot be extended to appear in court, provided that the receipt is made after the travel and/or tourist services are contracted;
    • Declaration from the responsible health authority that confirms that the cardholder will be in quarantine, provided that the receipt is after the travel and/or tourist services are contracted;
    • Maximum amount for lost travel and/or accommodation expenses prepaid by the carrier: USD 3,000.00
    • These benefits apply before travel begins and cannot be used after travel begins.
  • For boarding delay:
    • Maximum amount for hotel and food expenses during the delay period: USD 200.00
    • Flight departure must be delayed by 4 hours or more.

For more details on this coverage, visit the Benefits Guide.


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