Baggage Protection

You can travel with peace of mind knowing that expenses due to delays or lost luggage will be covered by your Clara Business Black card.

Important:  To use this benefit, it is necessary to issue the Insurance Ticket, which must be presented in case of possible occurrences.

Coverage conditions

  • The purchase of airline tickets must be carried out with the Clara Business Black card;
  • Maximum amount for delayed baggage (valid for 4 hours or more from the actual time of arrival at the destination): USD 600.00 reimbursement for necessary items expenses;
  • Maximum value for electronic equipment in lost luggage: USD 500.00 (per item, not exceeding the maximum value of the benefit);
  • Maximum amount for lost luggage on trips in Brazil or internationally (the Transport Company must confirm the impossibility of recovering the items): USD 3,000.00

In addition, you also have personalized assistance to help you track and locate lost luggage.

Learn all about the Baggage Protection benefit by accessing our Benefits Guide.


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