What are the types of Clara cards?

We offer 3 types of Clara cards, all with the Mastercard brand, designed for the different needs that your company and team may have. Are they:

Clara Virtual

Virtual Card · Immediate Activation · No Cost / Annual Fee

With the Clara Virtual card, you can make online purchases, nationally and internationally, in a practical and agile way. You can create as many cards as needed per user.

Immediately after creation, the card is available for use both in the iOS and Android app and on the web platform.


Clara Business

Physical card · Delivery in 5-10 business days · No Charge / Annual Fee

With the Clara Business card, you and your team can easily manage your company's expenses, and can be used in any situation and anywhere in the world, whether for a meeting, travel or shopping in physical establishments or online.

You still have all the security you need, including shopping protection, theft protection and car protection. You can check all the details here.


Clara Business Black

Physical card · Delivery in 5-10 business days · Costs in definition

The Clara Business Black Card is intended for managers and directors and has exclusive benefits such as purchase protection, worldwide car rental insurance, international emergency medical care, protection for delays and lost luggage. Check out the full list of benefits here.


*You can create up to 1 physical card per user.

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