How do I create cards for a user?

Using our cards, you can offer more autonomy to your employees. Therefore, we thought of a card creation process that could be simple and practical.

See how to create cards below:

  1. Go to the “Cards” tab;
  2. Click “New Card +”;
  3. Choose who will be the cardholder;
  4. Select the desired card type (Clara Virtual, Clara Business or Clara Business Black);
  5. Enter a name for the card. This name must be used so that you can easily identify it (eg: technology purchases);
  6. Set the card limit (from R$50.00 - R$ company's global credit line);
  7. If the card is physical (Clara Business or Clara Business Black)), you will be directed to a second screen to enter the delivery address;
  8. Click on “Create Card”.

Ready! Now, you or your company's employee already has a Clara card. Check how to activate it here.

If you have any questions about the delivery of cards, this category with more information can help you.

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