What are the features of the Clara platform?

On our platform, you will find all the information you need to manage your company and employees' expenses in a simple and real-time way.

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In it, the account administrator will find a control panel and the following tabs and options:


  • Access to the credit line granted and the company's available balance;
  • Access to invoices and slips;
  • List of last transactions carried out;
  • Graph with sum of expenses by period;
  • Table with a summary of expenses by Users, Groups, Locations, Businesses and Purchase Categories.


  • Viewing the transactions of all the company's users;
  • Filtering options by Users, Groups, Locations, Dates and/or Establishments;
  • Access to invoice and transaction reports (.csv file);
  • Details of each transaction in:
    • Establishment;
    • Value;
    • Users;
    • Final card number;
    • Date;
    • Purchase category;
    • Transaction status (Notified, Pending, Authorized);
    • Invoice.


  • View all cards created for the team;
  • Filtering options by Card or User, Balance used, Card Status and/or Weekly Limit.
  • Access to data, transactions, card address, in addition to button with main actions (Edit, Deactivate, Master Lock);
  • Details of each card in:
    • Card name;
    • Holder;
    • Final card number;
    • Card type (Clara Virtual, Clara Business, Clara Business Black);
    • Card Status (Active, Inactive, Blocked, Master Block);
    • Balance available on the card;
    • Balance used;
    • Actions (Edit, Enable/Disable).


  • View of all created users;
  • Filtering option by User, Group or Location;
  • Details of each user in:
    • Name;
    • Email;
    • User role (Administrator, Manager, Accountant, Contributor);
    • Responsible;
    • Location;
    • Groups;
    • Actions (Edit User, Edit Role, Disable Dual Authentication);


  • Viewing the Account Status, with the invoice and bill of exchange for the corresponding month;
  • Detailing of monthly invoices and Payment Status;
  • Access to Company Address;
  • Access to the Help Center and the Service Center

Important: The visualization of the platform's functionalities varies according to the role defined for each user in the company.

You can better understand the types of access for each type of user in this article.

Within the platform, you also have access to the "Help" button on all tabs, and you can talk to one of our experts from Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 8 pm.


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