What are the types of users?

To help you better control your company's finances, you can create different types of users on our platform, each with a specific role and access limit. Are they:

Administrator (Owner)

  • You have full access to the platform, you can view invoices, slips and complete reports by group, user or location;
  • Can create groups, users and cards, as well as lock, unlock and disable cards and users;
  • Responsible for establishing the credit limit of each group (team/area) so that managers can distribute the budget with their team;


  • Can create users and cards within your group (work team);
  • You have access to reports for your group and users in your group;
  • Responsible for assigning a credit limit to each user in their group;
  • You can block cards and change users' credit limit within your group.

Collaborator (Employee)

  • It has limited access only to its own cards, transactions and reports;
  • You can lock and unlock the cards themselves, except in cases of Master Lock or deactivation;
  • You need to contact your account manager or administrator to change data or request new cards.


  • Can view all users, cards, transactions, invoices, reports and invoices;
  • Has access to invoices and their respective slips;
  • This role can be created by Administrators and Managers;
  • Important: It is not possible to create cards for this type of user.

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