How do I set up restrictions for cards?

To bring more practicality and control of your company's expenses, it is possible to configure the cards of your company's employees in different ways.

You can set a specific period of card activity, limit the days of use, or even block transaction attempts at certain types of merchants.

To start configuring your company's cards, you must have access as an Account Administrator (Owner) and follow these steps:

1. Access the Cards tab;

2. In the 3 dots in the Actions column, select the option Configure card;

3. Select the desired restriction categories and configure according to each option.

Activity period

In this functionality, you can define a validity period for using the card. For example, if you only want the card to be active during a specific month, just select the days of the month you want from the calendar.

After the end of the stipulated period, the card updates to Master Block status and only an Account Administrator (Owner) can reactivate it again.

Days of use

With this option, you can configure specific days on which cards can be used, without a specific expiration date.

For example, if you want a company employee to use a card only on weekdays, just select the option "Monday to Friday".

Restriction by category of establishment

In this case, the cards may have their use restricted in certain establishments/stores.

When selecting a category, e.g. Textile Products, the cardholder will not be able to make purchases in clothing, sewing, fabric stores, etc.

Check out all restriction categories and establishment types details in this article.

Important: Settings can be made at the time of card creation or by editing cards already created, individually.

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